April 16, 2004

eat pastry for democracy

I'm not much of an activist -- lazy, self-conscious, distracted -- but I can bake. And if I can help kick George Bush out of office by baking, then by god I'll do it. MoveOn.com's nationwide bake sale is the best idea I've heard in a long time. So tonight I made beer bread, chocolate afghans, pumpkin cranberry nut bread, and no-pudge brownies (from a mix, *gasp*). Have a look here for more info: http://action.moveonpac.org/bakesale/

Those damn brownies are awfully tasty for no fat. They're goopy-fudgy inside, which is rather nice. I made mine with plain yogurt rather than vanilla as instructed, and to make up for the lower sweetness I chucked in some semisweet chocolate chips. Hoo, baby! I never suspected they'd actually be good, but they are.

And chocolate afghans... mmm... sigh. Pride of New Zealand, the cookie found in every tea shop and truck stop in the land. Crunchy chocolate cookie with thick fudgy icing on top, with a walnut to crown its glory. Thought those crunchies were coconut for the longest time, but they're really crushed-up Weetabix. Americans lacking Weetabix (which is delicious itself as a cereal) can use corn flakes smashed to smithereens instead, but I find Weetabix has a crisper, lighter texture. I also suspect that these would be better if I used unsalted butter. Normally, I can't be bothered to buy unsalted butter, and frankly I won't use anything but salted butter on bread, trendy NYC bistros be damned. But I think these cookies end up with a slightly funny undertaste with salted butter. Not that I won't snarf down any and all within range.

And pumpkin cranberry nut bread has gotten rave reviews at parties, especially with a schmear of cream cheese.

Tomorrow we'll assay the espresso hazelnut brownies, frangelico truffles, and cranberry upside down cake. Heh -- take that, George!

(ps Weetabix available at Porter Square Star Market!)

Posted by foodnerd at April 16, 2004 01:18 AM
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