June 28, 2004

Sabra mothership

Had lunch today w/ RWW at Sabra in Newton Center, on Union St across from the T stop. Vastly superior to the other Sabra branches I've been to. This one has a lunch buffet full of delightfully tangy sour salads. Skip anything with rice in it, because they refrigerate the rice and it gets all hard and dry, but vegetable salads are all winners. Raw spinach w/ a lemony dressing, cooked string beans in tomato, cabbage slaw, cooked greens (possibly escarole), tabbouleh to die for (mostly parsley, as it should be), fattoush with lots of sumac. And some kind of delicious appetizer made of what seemed to be sorrel cooked and wrapped up in pita, then sliced into bitesize bits. And a very nice grilled chicken in some runny, savory sauce, and sauteed chicken livers, and a lovely soft bean soup.

Posted by foodnerd at June 28, 2004 05:57 PM
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