August 21, 2004

more good eatin'

Further adventures of cookery with hedge:

Spanish dinner of seared local wild scallops on wilted frisee, followed by pan-seared local wild hake with parsley/garlic/lemon sauce (hake=yum, even tallasiandude likes it), minted basmati rice, more green bean/walnut salad, and sliced tomatoes.

Deep South breakfast of tall buttermilk biscuits (from Cook's Illustrated, yummy and easy), mustard greens in ham hock broth, scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes, homemade marmalade, and homemade dill pickles.

Breakfast #2 of more biscuits, New Zealand rata & manuka honey, fried eggs and bacon, tea, and sliced tomatoes with scalloped tomato & fried crumbs.

What a vacation she had: sleep, read, go to food markets, cook, eat, repeat. Yeah!

Posted by foodnerd at August 21, 2004 04:52 PM
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