October 17, 2004

miscellaneous chicago treats

I've been eating a lot of late-night crap meals because I'm out late dancing, but a few things have crossed my path:

  • Garrett's popcorn, cheese flavor & caramel flavor. Wow.
  • All pickle relish is apparently neon green here.
  • Bosnian food is what happens when Turkish & Slavic food interbreed: I had a sandwich of spiced ground meat kabob & barbecued chicken liver on grilled turkish-style bread.
  • There are plenty of restaurants open all night here. That's my kinda town.
  • Beef chow foon is a reliable sketchy-chinese-restaurant standby for all occasions. And I have learned the characters for pan fried, for bean, and for fish. Yay me!
Posted by foodnerd at October 17, 2004 06:17 AM
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