April 14, 2005

woo! interesting new potato chips!

So on my way to the train up here in Rogers Park, there is a convenience mart that has some intriguing looking cartons of potato chips in the window. So, duh, I go in one morning to see what they got. In the potato chip aisle I encountered a man who told me he was about to go smoke some weed, and showed me his little nugget of impending joy; I told him that you definitely needed snacks for that and moved to the counter with my purchases of Vitner's snacks:

superspicy Hot Cheeze Crunchies, decent but too hot to eat plain -- needs a sandwich

kosher dill pickle chips - very good indeed, realistic pickle flavor!

Louisiana hotsauce chips - as yet untried

Sweet Baby Ray's bbq chips - very good, ate them for supplemental breakfast yesterday

Sizzling Salt & Sour chips - spicy plus salt/vinegar: two great tastes that taste great together? i'll let you know. (Update: Damn skippy! These are great -- flavor crystals that eat through your mucous membranes in not one but TWO ways! Yum.)

Posted by foodnerd at April 14, 2005 05:44 PM
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