May 31, 2005

twisted spoke

Twisted Spoke on Ogden: Our second latenight dining attempt was more successful than the first, due to use of internet and phone to make sure the sumbitch was open before attempting to breach the premises. Tallasiandude had a burger, which was excellent: nice soft juicy flavorful meat that didn't overwhelm the toppings despite being large & thick. I had the sloppy joe, which was very well done but stylistically disappointing for me: it tasted like chili, while I feel that sloppy joes should be sweeter and more distinct in their flavor from chili. The fries that came with both were fantastic, dark golden brown and crunchy, with strong potato flavor. Props to the fry-man, 'cause I don't usually like fries that thick but these were great! AND all the ingredients they use are organic, which is just a warm fuzzy all around.

Posted by foodnerd at May 31, 2005 01:14 AM
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