July 01, 2005

rhubarb sorbet

I got some rhubarb from the parents when i was last at the homestead, and I intended to make a pie as I always do in June. But I am so busy, and I never managed to muster the energy for a pie, but Gourmet considerately provided a rhubarb sorbet recipe, so I made that instead, with the addition of a bit of alcohol for texture. It's a vaguely mauve color, and tangy sweet. It got a little frozen on the innards of the icecream maker, so i wonder if perhaps I didn't use enough alcohol -- the triple sec in the apartment smelled a little cheep-boozy, so I didn't want to use too much. But deelishus, and easy, and less fattening than pie anyway. Mmmmmm....

(again, sorry no photo. But I served this to H&J on the roofdeck, and we have learned another useful thing: rhubarb sorbet is made even better when served with 2% greek yogurt sweetened with a bit of sugar. The yogurt with sugar reminds me a lot of skyr, possibly the single most spinetinglingly delicious Icelandic food product. And every time I have had a rhubarb dessert involving dairy, it has been over the top delicious. So I think that now, just as I pretty much always have some cheddar cheese with my apple pie, I will pretty much always have some sweet dairy with my cooked rhubarb. And then I will pretend I am in England in the spring. *giggle*)

Posted by foodnerd at July 1, 2005 01:37 PM

o, to be in england in the summertime, with rhubarb and you. gurt. heee. sounds deeeelish, i wish they still sold rhubarb here, boo.

Posted by: santos. at July 2, 2005 12:32 PM
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