August 01, 2005

not bad for a Monday night

Pan grilled a bison steak and managed to get it just perfectly medium rare with a nice crispy crust. Delish. Made a fennel-cabbage slaw based on one in Gourmet magazine, and took some leftover yukon golds in mustard vinaigrette and put the rest of the chimichurri into it to make tangy herbed smashed potatoes. Woo, baby - yum!

half a savoy cabbage, shredded fine
one fennel bulb, shredded fine
some of the fennel fronds, chopped
handful of parsley, chopped
shallot, sliced fine
2 carrots, grated

Mix 2 big spoonfuls of mayo with a couple tablespoons sherry vinegar & a bit of salt to combine, squeeze half a lemon and grind a bunch of black pepper over the veggies, and stir it all to combine. Let it sit in the fridge a while to blend flavors. Crisp, refreshing, clean, and tangy -- very nice indeed.

Posted by foodnerd at August 1, 2005 08:59 PM
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