August 23, 2005

barbara's polish deli

so i have this client out in Addison, IL, and sometimes I end up being out there right around lunchtime, like I did today. And today, happily, I had arrived early to my meeting and gone to the nearby mall to buy thread before heading over to the client, and while I was there I saw a little sign reading "Polish Deli." Now of course you know that's like a freaking homing beacon for me, so when the meeting ended at noon, I went straight to the deli, hoping for a decent sandwich at least. But they have also got a hot-food bar, and you can buy a "hot lunch" for $4.89. This consists of a meat, mashed potatoes (or you can swap in sauerkraut as I did), and a salad (this being one of those russian-style mayo salads in the cold case). You could choose pork in mushroom gravy, pork or chicken cutlets, ribs in gravy, galumpkes, and a few other things for your meat -- i chose the pork in mushroom gravy, and the carrot-horseradish salad. I worried it might be pasty steam-table blandness, but this stuff turned out to be great! The meat is tender and flavorful and moist, the light creamy gravy is super tasty, the kraut is nice and the horseradish in the salad is strong and fresh. A hidden gem, although not so hidden to the Polish population -- the place was jammed with people and the only person getting English from the staff was me. Let's hope for more lunch-time trips to Addison, heh.

Barbara's Polish Deli Store
10 W Lake St
Addison, IL 60101

Posted by foodnerd at August 23, 2005 02:39 PM
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