September 07, 2005

it's been a slow food week (or 2)

Nothing much of note to eat lately: been at a conference (hotel food), then at dance camp (camp food), and now kicking around Waltham a few days (tomatoes, then a few tomatoes, and then some tomatoes). The tomatoes tallasiandude grew ARE really good though, and quite pretty when arranged together on the plate.

Posted by foodnerd at September 7, 2005 07:33 PM


I've said it before, and no doubt I'll say it again: I love a good tomato, and they are hard to find here in NorCal.

However, the yellow cherry tomatoes in my appetizer at Chez Panisse Cafe were exquisite. I asked the waiter the source and unfortunately the grower sells exclusively to Miss Waters and Company. Drat.

Posted by: mkb at September 10, 2005 03:19 AM
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