November 11, 2005

musings on wine

I'm wondering why wine hasn't been having the adverse effect on me lately that it usually has. It started in Italy, where tallasiandude and I drank way more wine that we normally would, and none of it made us feel nasty. And last week I drank a bunch of wines with C at blackbird and green zebra, and felt just fine. So what's up with that? In the past, even half a glass of wine would make me feel bloated and full (cutting into my ability to EAT, a horrible state of affairs), and would make my head hurt and my feet swell; I started to just avoid it altogether. How come none of this wine lately has done that? Is it that it's better wine? Is it that it's not American wine? Is it that I'm a freak of nature and have undergone some bizarre cellular transformation?

Posted by foodnerd at November 11, 2005 12:46 PM
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