February 18, 2006

crack sandwich

[This post has been languishing unpublished for months -- I decided to set it free even without its photo.] Went to a lovely dinner party at friends of friends the other day, which by the way consisted of a lamb-greenbean-tomato stew that I'd actually been eyeing for years in the New York Cookbook (yummy, it turns out) served with mashed potatoes and parsnips, and a prune/rum bread pudding. Delish. However, the thing I found completely irresistable was a packet of cookies labeled "Crack Sandwich" in big letters, brought as a gift by one of the other guests. I sneaked it out into the hallway to snap a camera-phone image of it, so i could share with you all on the interweb. I am such a nerd. (Update: And I should be stripped of my nerd credentials, since i appear to have deleted the photo before uploading it. AAAGGHH! Try this link to a photo of a similar product: http://www.nocommercialpotential.net/failagain/2005/09/crack_sandwich.html)

Posted by foodnerd at February 18, 2006 07:00 PM
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