January 10, 2006

in the interest of scientific inquiry, or spicy lamb stew

Yummy thing to do with leftover lamb leg roast (and random contents of kitchen, because you are trying an experiment in which you eat for a month without actually buying any food you didn't already have):

Cut off all leftover meat you can. Saute a little onion in olive oil, add 2 sliced carrots and a bunch of Penzey's Turkish seasoning mixed with a bit of smoked paprika and cayenne, and a bit of salt. Add a can of diced tomatoes, a can of beans, a big handful of currants, and the lamb, plus a 1/4 cup or so of water. Cover and simmer till meat falls apart and everything is tender.

Sorry, no photo - i keep forgetting, and it's almost gone because it's yummy. Very good with thin slices from stale baguette that went with the roast dinner, toasted till crunchy. Make stock from the denuded lamb bones. I'm planning to put whole wheat rotini, beans and meatballs into mine.

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