January 30, 2006

silver palm

After the game, the ELF, Mr. S & I tried to go to Perez, so they could experience the yummy mexican cooking that so consumes me these days, but it was CLOSED. Oh the horror! the trauma! What to do? QUICKLY, internet, where to eat?

The Silver Palm. Eating inside a restored train car is never a bad idea, and this one has the advantage of having excellent french fries. The food is nothing truly spectacular, but I will go back for the fries alone, and to go with them, the deep-fried perch was very nice, the ribs were decent, the grilled calamari starter perfectly fine, and the roasted-vegetable sandwich a nice change of pace, with parsnips and beets instead of peppers and zucchini. And they have a good selection of belgian and other european beers, which is always appreciated.

In related news, the jumbo dogs at the United Center are really good -- I haven't had a full-on chicago dog since I moved here, and I remember anew how much celery salt and two kinds of pickles can do for a hot dog. Mmmmm.

Posted by foodnerd at January 30, 2006 06:14 AM
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