February 06, 2006

bombon cafe

Ate lunch at Bombon Cafe today after a client meeting. Had a chicken adobado torta, with caramelized onions and chihuahua cheese and mesclun, on a crunchy but featherlight round bun. Very yum. Perhaps a bit foofy, and definitely expensive ($7), but still yum.

Got some mini quesadillas to go for dinner later -- bacalao (surprisingly boring), chorizo & bean (yum), and huitlacoche & squash blossom (best of the 3). Also spendy but tasty. The pastry I got for dessert was pretty good too -- bland in that mexican-pastry way, but interesting and tasty: it was some soft lemony yellow cake, wrapped in a girdle of crispy pie pastry topped with sugar crystals. Good coffee (i stopped in on the way TO the meeting also, i am such a nerd).

Bombon Cafe
36 S. Ashland
Chicago, IL 60607

Posted by foodnerd at February 6, 2006 08:33 PM
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