March 07, 2006

it's the sauce

My coworker JG got some lunch today at Hecky's and its delightful aroma wafted into my cube and I was forced to investigate. She had a half chicken there nestled in the foil and styrofoam, covered and glistening in a red coat of bbq sauce. She ate all the dark meat and licked off her fingers, and told me she usually got too full to eat the white meat, which she didn't like anyway, so she threw it out. I gave her The Look, whereupon she said she'd put it in the fridge for me. :-) She's awesome that way.

hecky's bbq chicken

And just now, after a really irritating bout of data cleanup for a client that should have done it themselves, weeks ago, I went and got that chicken breast and ate it and was happy. "it's the sauce" is what it says on the menu from Hecky's. The chicken's fine, moist enough and so on, but the sauce really does make the difference.

I've never had a sauce like this, fragrant and frankly quite sweet -- which usually I don't like, but this is tempered by a strong vinegar tang and spicy heat that seems like a combination of a solid dose of Louisiana style hot sauce and cayenne powder. It's fantastic stuff, worth licking off all your digits and eating with a spoon if you get the chance. Yum.

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