March 27, 2006

shrimp creole

The new Penzey's magazine, Penzey's One, did a feature issue on New Orleans and the gulf coast, full of personal stories and photos of flood trauma, plus lots of delish-looking family recipes. (This down-homey just-folks approach is the great appeal of the magazine, which still feels a little like a high-school publishing project, but that is part of why I love it.)

So I got a hankering for the Shrimp Creole recipe in there, because it sounded simple and good, and because i had a bag of frozen raw shrimp hanging around. Saute up small-diced onion, celery and pepper (in butter lest i forget), add bay leaf and paprika and salt, pour in a can of tomatoes and simmer, then add in the shrimps, a little cornstarch slurry and some parsley. Fabu, quick and easy. I have been eating it for dinner all week with rice and broccoli, and I think it is healthy enough to be counterbalancing the Perez and Hecky's I've been eating for lunches. :-)

Posted by foodnerd at March 27, 2006 07:49 PM

I really adore Penzeys, but the magazine hasn't really grabbed me like I thought it would. This does look really good.

Posted by: kalyn at April 1, 2006 11:18 AM
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