May 10, 2006

next food network star, year II

I found this email exchange between me & my friend C very amusing, so I decided to share it with you, the Internet:

Speaking of which, what'd you think of the most recent Food Network Star show? I thought the winner was clear from the beginning, but still disappointing, somehow. I'll try the show when it actually comes on, I guess.

I thought it was pretty clear about Next Food Network Star that Guy had it in the bag from the start and it was his to lose. However, I was rooting for Andy, the technique nerd, b/c I would totally have watched that show, plus he's cute. And I felt bad that the amateur was the first to go -- I didn't think she deserved that. Give that silly cow with the bad highlights the boot!

Yeah, Andy was my fave, too--he was so great with the cupcakes, and in the shared demo where he wacked the shit out of a pile of lemon grass. Most of the time, though, he was too uptight. Bummer. Silly cow w/ bad highlights: francophile girl w/ bikini? God, I could not *stand* her. Yech.

I don't know -- i was giving Andy the benefit of the doubt, since as a nerdy person myself I knew just exactly how awkward it would be to have to do all that TV stuff at the same time as you try to speak coherent english AND cook something. I remember last season people really got better over time as they got more used to it.

And then we got distracted by talk of where we are going to eat the next time C hits town, and how he's adopted my beloved gimlet, and how a place out there in Portland makes them with *silver tequila* -- mmmmmmm....

Posted by foodnerd at May 10, 2006 07:58 PM
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