September 05, 2006

so sorry, very busy

hi everyone, sorry i haven't been posting. Was at dance camp for a week -- woot! -- and am back in Chicago for less than 24 hours to drop off some luggage & make sure the house hasn't burned down, then I am back to Cupertino for another week. There are some posts about Chinese food in Silicon Valley, with more fodder coming up soon, for sure a Chinese Muslim place in Milpitas, and a few other odds and ends, though none from camp, since the food there is borderline school-cafeteria quality, at best. We mack down a ton of it anyway, since we are burning calories at an insane rate, but it is hardly up to standards. Alas. So stay tuned -- hopefully i will have time for a few posts while I am in CA.

Posted by foodnerd at September 5, 2006 09:53 PM
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