September 21, 2006

unspeakably tasty

I have written on this site before about the goodness to be had at the Caribbean Baking Company on Howard Street between Sheridan and the El. But today I was reminded anew of the tastiest thing yet that i have had there: the jerk chicken patties.

The beef patties are excellent, canonical renditions of spicy ground meat in bright yellow pastry. The curry chicken patties are even better, sweet indian-style curry in a paler yellow pastry, flaky and wonderful. But the jerk chicken, sweet jesus, these things are perfect. Surprisingly spicy, faintly sweet, deeply savory, and in a shatteringly flaky, pale, almost-sweet-but-not-quite pasty shell.that perfectly complements the filling.

If you haven't already, get yourself there. Yum.

Posted by foodnerd at September 21, 2006 06:00 PM

Are you too busy planning a wedding to eat anymore? I miss your lovely descriptions!

Posted by: Candice at October 3, 2006 02:03 PM
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