October 09, 2006

gino's east

So last night a bunch of dancers and I went out for Chicago deep-dish pizza, and since I had not yet been to Gino's (home of the insanely long lines) I went along with the plan, just to see if ALL Chicago deep-dish pizza sucks or just the stuff I'd been having.

Pretty much it all sucks.

But Gino's is much better than the others. The crust is butterier and drier in texture, almost crumbly -- it's nice not to have it be all doughy, but there's still way the hell too much of it, and it's not that tasty. Way too much cheese, pretty decent sauce, and the spinach mushroom pizza has a very nice lightly-creamed spinach topping, if almost zero mushrooms.

It's fine, it's not horrible, but I can't imagine voluntarily going there, forking out absurd amounts of money, waiting in line, and then waiting another hour after ordering to get food ever again. What is the point?

Posted by foodnerd at October 9, 2006 11:39 PM
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