November 05, 2006

easy and good

This is an old post that has only just now gotten a photo or two to go with it:

Three things that have sprung from the sporadic bits of time I've had for cookery:

red cabbage braised in the pork-chop frying pan with onion, apple, caraway seeds, a teaspoon of butter, and a bit of water... freaking fantastic, really, with the pork chop and some pureed rutabaga with salt, pepper & nutmeg.

chiles relleños: smallish poblano peppers, slit & seeded, sprayed with olive oil and stuffed with a mix of sauteed onion & red pepper, cottage cheese, a bit of hot sauce, and raw egg, then baked at 500F for half an hour. The filling did run out a bit and burn on the pan, but once out of the pan and onto the plate they were just lovely little things, and tasted great.

a frittata of caramelized onions, sauteed red chard, and slices of cooked yukon gold potatoes, topped with a good bit of grated parmesan. Good for breakfasts, dinners, or drunken latenight ramblings through the fridge.

I have been trying to cut the starch & sugar from my diet, particularly the wheat flour, and it does seem to make a pretty big difference. I *feel* smaller, even if I can't possibly have lost any weight, and I suspect that's just bloat disappearing due to the wheat being gone. I will still eat the stuff -- I've been out with friends several times this week and have had some lovely hamburgers and pizza -- but I am trying to keep it out of my home cooking in a last ditch attempt to grow smaller without having to eat utter crap. And I think it's rather good really, since I adore vegetables and fruits, and can supplement with small bits of potato and corn tortilla and brown rice, and not be hungry OR sad.

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