April 17, 2007

american chop suey

I'd heard that Sal's, a sandwich shop/diner on Main St in Waltham, was kind of not so good, but they've got a sign in the window that says their American Chop Suey is the best. And as it happens, Sal's is right next to the bus stop, and so spleen & littlelee were loitering in the area and became intrigued by this sign, spleen more than most because as an individual of German birth, she'd not actually ever had any such dish and wasn't entirely clear on its contents.

So we had some for lunch.

And they're not kidding -- it's delicious. Five bucks gets you a big plate of thoroughly cooked elbow macaroni in a generous amount of well-flavored tomato meat sauce, and a basket of scali bread & butter. You can make two servings out of it if you're not a glutton, or walk out of there stuffed to the ears with a hot plate of lunch. Can't speak for the rest of the menu, but the American Chop Suey's worth the trip.

Sal's the Family Restaurant
470 Main St
Waltham, MA 02452
(781) 893-8993

Posted by foodnerd at April 17, 2007 02:06 PM
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