September 13, 2007

a simple need

ok, sorry, i STILL haven't had time for posting. I SUCK.

but here is my thing at present: i need to buy a new folder/folio for work, because the cheap-but-highly-useful one i've used for the last umpteen years has cracked a bit and now catches on my sweaters when i hold it on my hip -- and pulls in my work sweaters, which are actually attractive and mildly expensive, are Not Okay.

Googling has been distinctly unhelpful. I am willing to invest in a nice thing if necessary and justified. Suggestions from the peanut gallery, please, as to where I can find an object meeting these criteria:

- holds standard 8.5x11 pad of lined paper on one side

- has simple flap on opposite side to hold random bits of paper, printouts, notes, etc. No fancy-ass special compartments, slots, mutliple tabs, etc. need apply -- just a doohickey that I can easily and quickly slide my papers into.

- attractive. ideally, fabulous retro-modern or brightly colored (orange? green? red?) but i am flexible on this subject. simple black will do.

- not made of plastic. plastic splits and causes snags in sweaters: Not Okay, see above.

- simple and slender and lightweight

- durable. this object is going to get carted around all over, shoved in bags, taken to client sites, whipped out in airports, dropped on the floor, etc. and it needs to remain presentable and professional looking.

- not thick, padded, zippered, "executive" or otherwise fugly

Can you help me, Internet?

Posted by foodnerd at September 13, 2007 06:13 PM

How 'bout this?

More traditional portfolios available at and

This one's a little funkier/retro:

Here's a cool laptop cover (not what you want, but couldn't resist):

Posted by: Kate at September 14, 2007 10:00 AM
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