December 11, 2007

comfort food

I went to the Korean market to buy kimchi, because we were completely out, and this household does not run smoothly without kimchi for the spicy ramen that functions as security blanket and default nourishment for a stressed-out tallasiandude, and for the tofu kimchi bokum that is my most favorite treat.

And while i was waiting in line, clutching my big jar of kimchi and my plastic box of spicy garlic cucumber pickle, I didn't go even 5 minutes before i was overcome by the most intense craving to run home immediately and scarf down delicious kimchi and pickles with steaming hot rice. (Clearly I have gone completely native.)

And it didn't stop there. Tallasiandude looked longingly over his ramen bowl at my hot rice, fried egg, and kimchi deliciousness. He made some for dinner that night. And we both had more for lunch yesterday. The craving appears to be bottomless right now for plain hot white rice, eggs over easy, super-fermenty kimchi (some thicker pieces have bubbles you can feel on your tongue), and salty garlicky cucumber pickle.

I figure it's the weather -- it's finally gotten really and truly cold, and there's ice everywhere -- and the fact that we're both tired and sick and struggling to recover.

Posted by foodnerd at December 11, 2007 11:04 AM
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