May 31, 2008

oh noooooooo! RIP Bright Food Shop

One of my favorite foods is no longer available to me. The green posole at Bright Food Shop is no more, because Bright Food Shop is no more.

This is VERY BAD.

Every time I would go down to New York to visit friends, I would try to finagle an excuse to head over and get posole. Sometimes I would just get takeout and schlep it home on the bus. One friend lived just a few blocks away and I could walk there. I have a photo of me and the tallasiandude, early in our dating, standing outside the Bright Food Shop just after lunch, and I am grinning like a fool, doped up on love and delicious soup.

Some of their Mexican-Asian fusion seemed a little weird. But everything Mexican on the menu and in the little grocery/takeout shop next door was terrific, not that i ventured much past the posole myself -- that posole was my first introduction to the soup, and I've never seen the verde style with greens and turkey anywhere else, despite an ongoing addiction to posole in general ever since that first bite.

The place was jammed every time I went. Now, if a tiny little joint like this that packs 'em in and also offers takeout can't make enough money -- in CHELSEA -- to pay their rent... then the rent is TOO FUCKING HIGH, assholes. Stupid greedy jerk landlords.

I am sad.

Posted by foodnerd at May 31, 2008 01:21 AM
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