July 02, 2008

this n that

looks like they finally repealed the foie-gras ban in chicago. one american absurdity down, 4,999,999 to go.

John Harvard's Brewhouse is pretty mediocre in general, though certainly serviceable and reliably open late -- but they have an incredible chicken pot pie. Very nearly as good as the ur-potpie I had at the late, lamented Locke-Ober (before Lydia).

i think my favorite sausage from Paulina Market is the smoked thuringer. i am not alone in this, as at least one party guest remembered them from years past and requested them specifically. they are properly robust to stand up to party condiments, and they are just plain smokilicious. i also tried something new this year, a fresh hungarian sausage (very long, spicy with paprika, and pleasantly dry and crumbly in texture) and the german wieners (long skinny hot dogs, only better tasting than an average supermarket dog).

year-old wedding cake is pretty tasty stuff. the outer frosting tastes a little bit like freezer funk, but the insides are much as we left them.

Posted by foodnerd at July 2, 2008 10:07 AM
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