September 02, 2008

hazy sleep-deprived thoughts

i just got back from swing dance camp, which was AWESOME. i danced all night on Sunday, straight through to breakfast at 7am, and didn't sleep except for about an hour nap in the afternoon when I finally got home.

camp food kind of sucks, unfortunately, so nothing exciting to report in that department except:

- brownies with peanut butter smeared on top are delicious, and great dancing fuel

- barbecue potato chips are much more satisfying as a mid-dance fortification than sweets

- a dark chocolate zone bar and a thimbleful of coffee is enough to get you through two dance classes if you sleep through breakfast (though a cabinmate came up with the genius idea of bringing instant oatmeal packets and using the hot water for tea to make instant brekkies)

- thousand island salad dressing makes everything taste good

Posted by foodnerd at September 2, 2008 04:42 PM
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