February 10, 2009

rolled banana pecan cake with cream cheese filling

rolled banana cake rolled banana cake slices

I saw this recipe in Penzey's One magazine, and it seemed quite appealing. I love banana cake, and I like things that seem fancy but aren't actually complicated or fussy to create.

And then I found myself with extra packs of cream cheese to use up, and some overripe bananas, and the deal was done.

This recipe comes from a woman named Mary Harris, in Wasilla, Alaska. I do recommend subscribing to the magazine, as it is guilelessly charming and focuses on real people and the real stuff they cook and the reasons they cook it. Some of the recipes you might never make, but there are lots that you will, and some are real gems -- and the magazine makes very good reading.

Despite running out of regular sugar and having to fill in with some light brown sugar, the recipe came out remarkably similar to the photo in the magazine. It looks FANCY. It tastes like fancy banana bread. This is by no means a slur; I love banana bread, and having it in a suitable-for-dinner-party format is awesome. The cream cheese filling recedes more than I expected it would, but it adds a bit of creaminess and moisture to the overall effect. I used neufchatel cheese and skim milk, so the recipe as a whole is relatively light and healthy, and a serving is just a little slice, so it makes a perfect sweet for the end of a larger or richer meal.

Posted by foodnerd at February 10, 2009 10:16 AM
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