March 24, 2009

still recharging

I thought maybe I was doing a little better today, but after a sane breakfast (banana, plain yogurt, marmalade) and a sane lunch (baingan bhartha with rice and a hardboiled egg), and two small 15-minute naps, I still found myself today at 3:30 intolerably hungry.

I had some crostini crackers and chipotle hummus, which didn't even make a dent. So I applied protein to the problem, in the form of some lovely cheddar cheese. Still not good enough! So I ate a big bunch more of those dark chocolate salty almonds, and that finally did the job.

It's a little bit worrisome, but it really does feel like extra fuel is being requested in order to do repair work in there. The nap cravings reinforce that feeling. I do feel much better the last day or so, but clearly all is not entirely back to normal just yet.

Posted by foodnerd at March 24, 2009 06:52 PM
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