May 13, 2009

new kittehs!

Sorry to have been AWOL for a while. We adopted 3 new kittykats and they've been keeping us busy! Two of them are fostered strays, and they're taking a lot of time -- it's been a week, and our main victories have been getting them to eat and getting them to come out from under the chair for a few seconds at a time. The other one is a ball of fire, only 1.5 years old and still mostly kitten. As far as he is concerned, the Best Game EVAR is to chase the little wire+paper toy around and around and over and around the bed, until he's panting and falls over. (I have never heard a cat pant like a dog before -- it's pretty damn funny, I have to say.)

The way all this relates to food is that little Mr. Ball-of-Fire also loves to eat. When he's not playing, he's crying in hopes we'll give him some more food. But he's a little bit, how should we say, well-upholstered already, and the shelter folks said we should put him on a diet to keep him healthy.

So we bought the light kibble, and we're giving him only the amount it says for weight loss in a cat his size -- which of course means he acts like we are starving him to death at all times. His bowl is always empty, because when food goes in, he macks it down as fast as he can. If we drink milk or eat something meaty, he's all over that like white on rice.

And I totally feel his pain, because I know just how much dieting sucks when you love to eat.

But the one good thing about it is that by being in charge of keeping our little tons-of-fun on a diet is that it keeps me in mind of my own need to show a little restraint. And that coinciding with the onset of spring and the return of vegetables may just be good for me. Let's hope so!

Posted by foodnerd at May 13, 2009 12:22 PM
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