June 24, 2009

spring dinner of grilled onions and romesco

My dad gave me a bunch of his spring onions from the garden, and I thought it would be nice to grill them as they do in Spain, and serve them with some romesco sauce... as they do in Spain.

They came out rather good, really, delicious even on their own without the sauce, picking up a nutty smoky aspect in just a few minutes on the flames. They only need to be on there, over a moderate heat, for long enough to soften and go brown in spots. I put mine so that the white parts were on the hot part where the steak was cooking, with the green parts trailing off to the colder part of the grill, which worked beautifully.

The romesco sauce was loosely based on this recipe but really turned out to be:

1 roasted red pepper
5 or 6 big grape tomatoes, raw
slice of wheat toast
1 large clove garlic (should have been more but I ran out)
big handful of slivered almonds
sprinkle of salt
hot paprika, smoked paprika, and some crushed red pepper flakes
glugs of olive oil and sherry vinegar to make it smooth and runny

Being lazy as you know, I just ran all that together in the food processor to make a sauce. Lovely!

And because it really is springtime, solstice notwithstanding, we also had peas and white turnips braised in butter. I cooked the turnip and older peas in salted butter and water, then threw in the younger peas once it was well cooled down with only a little residual heat. Delicious, though perhaps a little too delicate a companion for the romesco... but you cook what you got.

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