August 23, 2009

new vegetable recipes

The new issue of Gourmet had lots of excellent recipes for produce that was already burning a hole in my pocket, so I went on a cooking bender today. (Gourmet's A-Z concept issue, btw, is all the things that the Saveur 100 used to be, or at least close enough. Sigh.)

Anyway, for future reference:

- grated zucchini salted, drained, squoze, then sauteed in butter and garlic and topped with bread crumbs fried in butter with lemon rind and thyme

- green / yellow beans cooked then rewarmed in olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper, and then tossed with lemon rind and shredded basil

- a wine and lemon verbena gelee with summer berries

All came from Gourmet and were clever little things I hadn't thought of on my own. I used lemon balm instead of verbena, and like a dumbass only had half the gelatin needed, so it may turn out runny, but it seemed like a tasty idea with blueberries and blackberries, and a nice way to use up marginal berries without really cooking them. I always like a new idea for beans, and this one is a very nice flavor, but the beans were old ones and they're a little tough for this preparation. The zucchini came out awesome, and I may grate all my zucchini for cooking henceforward.

I also grilled up a bunch of yellow crookneck and red onion with my steak tips tonight, just to have them around. I also roasted one of the anaheim chilies from the parental plants. Earlier today I made a gazpacho with tomato juice, cubanelle and cucumber, and I may have to do that one again. Ditto the new corn salad I made up -- with edamame and vinegared cucumber and chives and lemon thyme. Yums.

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