May 29, 2007

and random about-food note: parsnip chips

maybe i am just having a craving, but DAMN the parsnip chips from Trader Joe's are really good. Nutty, crispy, salty, and faintly sweet. Nummy. I just ate way too much of the bag i just opened, they were so good.

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not about food

Hot Fuzz may be the best movie of the summer. Woo hoo! From the people who brought you Shaun of the Dead, but this time with more guns!

(watch out -- that link comes with sound...)

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May 22, 2007

oooh, yummy: passionfruit curd

I have been trying to find someone to make me a plain white or yellow cake with passionfruit filling for my wedding cake, and by god it's been a friggin' hassle. Either people just flatly refuse to even try, or they charge 8 jillion dollars a slice, or they make some half-assed filling that is insufficiently passionfruity. I want to be whacked over the head with passionfruit goodness when i take a bite of this cake.

And when i told this tale of woe to spleen, she decided to make research and see what could be done. The result was a lovely yellow cake with bright and tangy passionfruit curd and a marshmallowy frosting. Delicious!

Now, granted, it'd have to be a cooked buttercream rather than a marshmallow frosting to hold up properly on a wedding cake, but i can handle that. So i think what i am going to do is convey this recipe, with appropriate modifications, to the bakery that's most likely to be getting the gig, and see if they'll humor me.

passionfruit curd recipe

Spleen used a bit more passionfruit, maybe 8 oz, than the 6 oz called for, in her efforts to give me the fruity punch I'm looking for. Otherwise, simple curd recipe, standard procedures. And you can buy frozen passionfruit pulp at the Shaw's market on River Street in Waltham (thanks, chowhound message boards).

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