October 18, 2007


This is awesome. But tell me that you are not astounded at how tidy all those eurofridges are.

Or perhaps I am just a freak with a problem.

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October 16, 2007

finally, a massmarket American chip flavor with at least a flicker of the extraordinary

Not that this is SO crazy, but at least it is DIFFERENT:

Doritos Collisions: Hot Wings & Blue Cheese flavored chips, together in one bag.

They're quite good. The Hot Wings are like regular Doritos with a bit more spice and a whiff of vinegar. The blue cheese are actually blue-cheesy, which is totally awesome.

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October 11, 2007

rosemary truffle french fries

OK, so there's a bar in Cambridge, just outside Harvard Square heading toward Central, called the Cellar. It's been there forever, it's always been awesome. I've not been there in some time, since a) busy as all hell and b) moved away for 2 years.

However, we went there this week for the tallasiandude's birthday, and discovered that they have added on some gastropub goodness. Foremost among which are some top-notch french fries: perfectly crisp and golden, scented with rosemary and black truffle. Holy mackerel, those are good.

(They also have homemade tater tots (chunky mashed potatoes coated in panko and fried) and what some consider to be very good cheeseburgers. For me those burgers are way too thick -- they ARE delicious, but stylistically not my thing. Plus they fill me up and so i cannot eat so many french fries, another point against them.)

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October 04, 2007

breakfast of champions for a melting-pot nation

While on a weekend visit with friends, circumstances conspired to reveal to me an exquisite breakfast treat.

Because we were all flying in late, our friday night dinner was ready-to-cook bulgogi from the korean market, plus a big jar of kimchi and some sticky rice. Yum yum.

And because we were visiting friends in the Baltimore area and hanging out with at least one other food-crazed person, we visited supermarkets -- and at said supermarkets we acquired some scrapple.

And therefore, on sunday morning, brunch consisted of hot sticky rice, crunchy fried scrapple, eggs over medium, and large amounts of kimchi. HUBBA HUBBA. Oh and for dessert, a delicious eggy apple pancake with caramelized cinnamon sugar topping. Yay.

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