September 16, 2004

kindred spirits in the blogosphere

I have long taken comfort in the presence of littlelee, spleen and hedge in my life, fellow foodsluts who provide companionship and emotional justification for my chow-related excesses. And though I knew there were others of our kind out there, now I can find them and read them at all hours of the day and night. Huzzah, MORE FOOD INFORMATION!

Of course, this should not be so shocking and exciting for me, since after all I have my own food blog here to provide entertainment and happy food thoughts to the public. But it never really occurred to me that anyone would read it; it was mostly for my own amusement. Then tallasiandude set up usage tracking, and it became clear that people are actually linking to, bookmarking and reading this here blog. Ay caramba! This of course led to a delightful two hours wandering around other people's food blogs, our favorites of which (so far) are listed under links, below left.

Some of these have awesome recipes on them. Others are even nerdier than mine, which is utterly wonderful. And others are just plain people I want to eat dinner with. For instance, consider this musing on weight-loss. Not only is this exactly my own attitude on the subject, but it includes a diatribe against low-fat cheese, mentions of suet pastry, a completely justifiable gyoza bender, and a delicious recipe for cucumber salad. The only thing I'd add is a link to Margaret Cho's website, wherein she discusses her own weight-loss epiphany.

I'm not sure this approach would work as well for us as it did for Margaret, because we didn't have such effective hangups around chocolate cake and pizza in the first place -- sometimes I think my whole life is a fuck-it diet -- but there are fundamental truths there. The idea of leaving delicious food on the plate uneaten because YOU CAN GET MORE LATER is a mindblower. (I've only recently gotten to the point where I'll leave it on the plate but then bulldoze the server into wrapping it to go for later.) There is not one thing wrong with eating suet pastry and triple creme cheese and white bread and toro nigiri and Kraft Mac & Cheese and b'giant steaks... it's only how much of them you eat. And since I am no longer poor, I need to accept and internalize the fact that I don't have to snarf up the entire contents of the free buffet, but can just run out and buy more nevat or organic chocolate or wild arugula or bulgarian feta anytime I like.

America. What a country. *grin*

(thanks to everyone who actually reads this blog, and to maki for having such a cool blog: I am inspired now to stop being such a lazyass and actually write out specific recipes for things.)

Posted by foodnerd at September 16, 2004 10:40 AM

skpialml1 ; Thanks!

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