September 16, 2004

this is how to run a business

Penzey's Spices decided to expand their chain of spice stores. So they ran a postcard contest, and whichever city sent in the most cards got the store. Boston won -- woohoo! (and no thanks to my lazy procrastinating ass, sadly). This is good policy in and of itself, being community focused and democratic.

But just now I got a phone call from a nice lady in Wisconsin who wanted to know my thoughts on a store location they're considering. We talked about the neighborhood (Mass Ave near Arlington Town Hall), public transit access, parking, accessibility for those from outside the city (NH, or similar), and other general matters concerning whether or not it was a good spot to settle in. This is an amazing thing! They got my info from my order history (I buy a lot of stuff, I admit it) and called me up, person to person, to get the skinny from someone who would actually be going to the store, and who knows the area as a local, and they're undoubtedly going to tally up all the responses to make a composite picture of what they're getting into. Genius! Blindingly simple.

I feel strongly about supporting businesses that conduct themselves in a sustainable, customer and community friendly manner, and this just seals it. I can't wait for January, when I can scoot over to Arlington anytime I want and buy fresh, exotic, yummy spices from nice midwestern people who do things properly.

Posted by foodnerd at September 16, 2004 12:13 PM
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