November 20, 2004

life is fun with... Twisties

The foodsluts spleen & littlelee have returned from Fiji and New Zealand, bearing gifts as you knew they would. (They managed to find the one thing I would most want from NZ - more to come on this in a future post.) They apparently befuddled supermarket cashiers, baggage handlers and customs officials around the globe by buying nearly 20 bags of various potato chips and lugging them home in a huge Fijian flour sack. We snarfed up the bounty in another installment of our now-infamous blind chip tastings. (We're getting really good at figuring out what flavor things are supposed to be.)

There was roast lamb with mint (good, but inferior to the version we got in London), spicy tomato & vinegar (really good), burger (not so hot), chicken (bland), chilli & sour cream (yum), and a shocking number of pizza flavored chips. Who knew Fijians & Kiwis & Japanese would all have a fetish for pizza-flavored snacks? The absolute best snack of the bunch wasn't a chip at all, but more of a cheeto-shaped corn snack, with staggeringly realistic-tasting pizza flavor crystals: Twisties Pizza, from Fiji. Tangy, sweet, spicy, tomatoey, & a strong oregano flavor. Too bad it was only a snack-size pack.

Posted by foodnerd at November 20, 2004 10:22 AM
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