December 27, 2004

easy as, uh, pizza pie

Got the idea from da*xiang to make salami/cheese rollups using Trader Joe's pizza dough, and finally tried it out on the family this week. Works great! Easy as can be, just buy the 99-cent dough, stretch it out on a board into a rectangle, rub with a bit of olive oil, layer in whatever you got in the way of thin sliced cured meat & cheese -- I used oregano salami from Salumi and stanky aged provolone from Tony's Colonial on Federal Hill in Providence, so this was pedigreed pizza roll -- then roll it up the long way, so you get a nice snake of pizza. I layered my fillings closer to one long side than the other, sort of the way you do with makizushi, which worked out well.

I cut mine in half so it fit onto the baking sheet, then rubbed the top with a bit more oil. I tried a bit of shaved cheese on top of part of it, but my parents only have a (seriously crappy) convection oven, so that ended up more burned than useful -- you may have better luck with this approach in a sane oven. However, the rest of it was fabu -- very very crunchy crust, nice soft savory yeasty insides, all in cute tidy little bite size slices. Perfect for a casual gathering or cocktail party. Yum yum.

Posted by foodnerd at December 27, 2004 02:02 PM
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