April 26, 2005

chilaquiles, kinda sorta

In my limited kitchen, I have been making things with the tortillas and eggs and chorizo that I have, and I have settled on a pretty good method, based loosely on the chilaquiles rojos recipe on the back of the tortilla package. It is particularly useful for improving crappy supermarket tortillas.

Take a good chunk of spicy chorizo and start it frying, smushing it with the back of your spoon. When you have a little rendered fat, add some diced red bell pepper. When it's all nice and fried (pepper soft, chorizo browning), add cut-up tortillas and stir. When the tortillas are soft and well blended into the mess, break an egg in there and stir it in to scramble & cook. Top with some cheese. Chow breakfast. Or dinner. Whatever.

You could put in onion & garlic, or avocado, or rice, or tomato, to change it up. I've been eating some form of this all week, and it's saved my hungry butt more than once when I've dragged in after the 80 minute commute home. I wish I could more easily find Mexican chorizo in Boston -- I must not be looking in the right place. It's a tasty treat.

Posted by foodnerd at April 26, 2005 08:15 AM

Man that sounds great. I live in Austin, TX now but I am originally from San Antonio. Chorizo is very plentiful here and I eat way too much of it! I go to a place called Taco Deli (http://www.tacodeli.com/) and I get two Chorizo, Papas (Mexican mash potatoes), and Monterey jack Cheese breakfast tacos. They have a roasted salsa that just lights them up. Ok now I have to go and get some…

Thanks for the great recipe!

Posted by: Kevin at April 27, 2005 10:13 PM

Oh, my...that looks wonderful! I know my hubby would love this dish. Way to use simple ingredients!

Posted by: Stephanie at May 4, 2005 07:23 PM

Oh I love chorizo and there seems to be only one little spanish store in Perth that sells it.

Hard charging tortilla vangard out of the outre. Look out sourdough!

Posted by: anthony at May 5, 2005 12:16 AM

I love all chorizo, but i fear for you that the kind you describe is the spanish kind: hard like a salami. Delicious, but not the smushy mexican kind that comes uncased in a plastic faux-casing and is intended for frying. Got any mexicans there in Perth? ;-)

Posted by: foodnerd at May 5, 2005 02:00 PM

You can find exactly the kind of Chorizo you're looking for in Waltham, on Moody St. Lots of Latino groceries.

Make sure you cook it really well...some of those refridgerated cases don't seem as cold as they should be.

Posted by: at September 4, 2005 03:56 PM
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