May 08, 2005

carniceria laura

So the nearest market to my house is a mexican carniceria/grocery called Carniceria Laura, on Ashland just north of Chicago. It's a cute little full-grocery market, with a mini-restaurant in the back and a monstrous meat counter. There's all manner of beast products (tongues, large cuts of beef, etc.) and a smaller hotcase that has roasted pig and the biggest damn chicharrons I have ever seen. I am so going back to get some of those.

They have a whole wall of dried chile peppers and herbs and so forth, plus anything you could want in packaged Mexican goods, including horchata concentrate. Oh yeah.

I bought some necessaries, and a bottle of that great Tamazula smoky hot sauce, which made a really great guacamole, and a packet of locally made tortillas that were still warm in their paper package on a late weekend morning (er, early afternoon, whatever). The tortillas were awesome, full of soft corn flavor, and i put some of the leftover steak in there with the guacamole, to great effect. Yum!

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I desperately need to find a purveyor for horchata concentrate. I would appreciate any information comparing the horchata concentrates out there, I hear the Goya brand is less sweet. I am making oatmeal horchata for the Pitchfork music festival, and I don't want to let anyone down with gritty, way-to-sweet horchata. I only wish I had the capacity to make it from scratch. Thank you for your help.

Posted by: Brian at June 7, 2007 02:54 PM
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