June 24, 2005

coke zero: dopey name, boon for dieters

Coke Zero, the new product attempting to mimic Pepsi One, does not suck at all. In fact, though as a loather of Pepsi and daughter of a diehard Coke-head, it pains me to say so, Pepsi One did not suck either -- it tastes just like real Coke with sugar and caffeine. I often yearned for it to be in the vending machines as a commonplace, just as ubiquitous as the mostly crappy but tolerable Diet Coke. I will probably continue to yearn just as much even though there's now a Coke option as well that has no calories but still tastes damned close to The Real Thing (tm), but a girl can dream.

Posted by foodnerd at June 24, 2005 05:19 PM

I tried Coke Zero in Atlanta a week or so ago. They were giving it out free at Turner Field after the game.

It was pretty good. I thought it was pretty sweet. I am an old regular Pepsi fan, but I do like Diet Coke w/Lemon and I have not even tasted Pepsi One so I can't compare it.

I did like Coke Zero but I'll stick to Diet Coke w/Lime or Lemon and add a lemon or lime wedge for more zing.


Posted by: RisaG at July 13, 2005 09:35 PM

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