March 17, 2006

health update - bummer

Turns out it wasn't salmonella that I've been suffering from -- it's campylobacter.

C read my post and immediately called to ask how I knew it was salmonella, at which point of course I told him I didn't, I actually had no idea, and that was when the last part of the puzzle fell into place. Turns out he's been just as sick for just as long, and his doctor did the tests and figured out he had a campylobacter infection. We both got sick Thursday night/Friday morning, and have had identical symptoms -- his big victory today was eating some toast and marmalade.

Which, unfortunately, means that we got food poisoning when we were eating together -- which was the absolutely delightful meal we had at HB last week. God damn. We really liked our food and the atmosphere there, and had every intention of going back, but at this point i'd have to say there's no fucking way. Individual cases of campylobacter infection are caused primarily by uncooked poultry, and since well-fried chicken livers are as close as we got to poultry in that meal, that means the culprit is bad kitchen habits: cross-contamination. Bummer.

We are sad. For so many reasons.

wine & menu, hb
picture of the wines C brought
the pinot noir was delightful

Posted by foodnerd at March 17, 2006 11:07 PM

yike! i'm glad you're feeling better. take it easy. drink clear gatorade!

Posted by: santos. at March 18, 2006 12:28 AM
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