March 18, 2006

american chips are lame

boring american chips

This is the same label that makes the completely fabulous UK chips that come in flavors like lamb+mint, roast chicken, thai sweet curry, etc. But here in America, all we get is ranch, tarted up as if it's something interesting. Arrrgh!

(in googling for a link to the UK chips - sorry, crisps - i found this. Chippie knows where it's at, yo.)

Posted by foodnerd at March 18, 2006 09:26 AM

If it makes you feel any better it is the same in Switzerland, up until very recently the only flavours available were paprika and plain. Now they have started to diversify into roast chicken, oriental and barbecue flvours.

Thank goodness for the English shop here in Basel and the Irish pub selling all the great varieties of British crisps we grew up loving like smokey bacon and pickled onion!!!

Posted by: Pamela at March 19, 2006 02:07 PM

I was recently in China (Shanghai) for a month, and they had the flavored chips that I had seen in Scotland 2 years ago. In china they had flavors ranging from French Chicken to green tea to peking duck to spicy seafood

Posted by: J.S. at August 16, 2006 07:23 PM
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