May 14, 2006

garfield park conservatory & plant market

After my Borinquen breakfast, I went down to Garfield Park to check out what I thought was a farmer's market. Turns out it is a plant/garden market, so I bought some herbs and heirloom tomatoes and a tomatillo, and a pretty green pot for my cycad. And while I was there, I went to the Conservatory as well to look at all the pretty things. I ended up taking a bunch of photographs, many of which turned out poorly, but here are a few of my favorites:

And though the Sweet Room was empty for renovations, there were still a few food plants in the collection.

a cocoa tree

a coconut palm (i think)

a banana tree

and one very sad, very unphotogenic Kona coffee tree.

And because I am a dork and have an ongoing photo series of my feet in various settings, I leave you with this:

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