June 02, 2006

harold, thank god

I just watched the finale of Top Chef -- thank you, iTunes -- and I am greatly relieved to find that Harold did indeed win the competition.

Though on some level I can relate to That Bitch Tiffani and her yearning to have money to travel, to taste food in its local contexts, to pay off her debts, and to finally feel free, the fact of the matter is that she got in her own way. She can be brilliant, if she would just stop trying to bend everyone and everything to her own will.

In any case, Harold is going to run the kind of kitchen I want to eat in: reliably delicious, just innovative enough, beautiful and down-to-bizness. Who wants to join me on a trip to his new place in NYC this winter? ELF? Directah? Boston peeps? Seriously -- the more who come with, the more we can taste. Woo!

Posted by foodnerd at June 2, 2006 08:36 PM
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