August 16, 2006

sausages at mixed signals

Remember all those sausages I got for the big summer party? Well, I grilled 'em up to wild approval, but we didn't even come close to eating all of them. This was a year of somewhat lower attendance at the party, which happens some years, and we were stocked up for the fullest of onslaughts. So I gave some away, tallasiandude and I ate a few meals' worth of sausage, and froze the rest.

The ones we did eat were awesome. My favorite was the Hungarian wieners with garlic and paprika -- they were juicy and savory with all those spices. The smoked Italians were a big hit with partygoers, and they *were* rather good, just a touch smoky on top of the usual Italian spices. I ended up somehow with an extra five pound box of the veal brats, so it's a good thing they are tasty, mild, white li'l guys. And the fresh brats cooked in beer disappeared in the blink of an eye. Garlic knockwurst and chive-studded bockwursts, just as good as last year.

Posted by foodnerd at August 16, 2006 05:16 PM
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