August 07, 2008


Our second day in KC we intended to hit up some more barbecue for lunch, but Oklahoma Joe's is closed on Sunday. Two cars full of hot, hungry people needed a quick plan. Sonic? YES PLEASE.

Even though my mother has a serious jones to find a Sonic (we have none in the Massachusetts area), somehow I'd missed the idea that it was a gen-u-ine drive in. No inside tables. Just a drive thru, and even better, a bunch of drive-up slots each with their own menu and ordering intercom, and a bunch of carhops to bring you your loot.

The burgers are excellent, quite fresh tasting and the bacon is very flavorful -- usually you can't even taste the bacon on a fast-food burger should you bother with it in the first place. You can have fries but no one does, because you can also have tater tots. Yahooo! And tots with melted smoked cheddar over the top, even fake-ass processed smoked cheddar, are fantastic. Onion rings, very crisp the way I likes 'em, and in a weird sweet batter that somehow totally works.

The beverage to get is the limeade -- fresh limes squeezed into a cup of sugar syrup and topped off with fizzy soda water. You can get cherry or strawberry or what-have-you, but I like mine plain. It all comes with a cellophane-wrapped peppermint balanced on top of your drink, which is pretty much pointless, but completely adorable.

We didn't brave any of the frosty ice cream treats because there was a rumor of heading to Sheridan's Frozen Custard later in the day... more on that to come.

Posted by foodnerd at August 7, 2008 09:29 PM
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