October 19, 2008

china pearl dim sum

we've eaten dim sum twice in the past week, which is delightful, and i've run across a couple of new treasures that should be documented here. we didn't take photos, sorry.

pork-n-peanut dumplings: little white rice dumplings with pork, waterchestnut and peanuts. crunchy & savory.

black sesame jelly rolls: squishy, quivery black sesame jelly in a thin sheet, rolled up into a log. perfect dessert after a bunch of fatty savories. hard to spot, tends to be on the lower shelf of the mixed dessert/savory bun cart.

shrimp & chive dumplings: more rice-wrappers, stuffed with what seems like a 50-50 mix of flat chive pieces (maybe 3/4" long) and chopped shrimp.

donut wrapped in rice noodle: deep fried oil stick (crunchy donut) wrapped in fresh white rice noodle, then topped with cilantro & soy sauce. Even though the donut loses the crunchy, it's still insane yummy goodness.

shrimp & lychee in a deep-fried crunchy noodle wrapper: another hard-to-find item. they're easy to see -- the yellow fried flat-noodle clumps are distinctive -- but we found them enclosing the shrimp/lychee filling on visit 1, but on visit 2 the insides turned out to be crab claws, shell and all.

Posted by foodnerd at October 19, 2008 10:43 AM

Can you please forward the recipe for the dim sum...thanks

I love Chinese food recipes


Posted by: Andy Abraham at October 23, 2008 01:14 PM
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