July 28, 2009

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Our Saturday night dance outing was up the street from Momofuku Noodle Bar. We initially forgot this fact, and went to Jaffa Cafe on the recommendation of the ticket girl. There we had an adequate berry cake and a bowl of tzatziki masquerading as cucumber-yogurt soup, which was fine but tallasiandude was still hungry -- at which point we realized what was but mere blocks away.

One dark-and-stormy-flavored soju slushie, served with fat bubble-tea straws. Two Beau Soleil oysters with cucumber-yuzu puree, then an order of pork buns. Then another order of pork buns.


But we went to the Momofuku Noodle Bar hoping for noodles, and for some reason the late-night menu doesn't have ANY noodles. Oh, cry for us, we had exquisite pork buns instead.

So we went back for lunch the next day. Heh.

Their pork ramen is probably the best I have had. Rich flavorful broth, with good thin noodles, two types of braised pork, bamboo shoot, scallion, fish cake, and nori. Almost too much pork, really, for the summer weather, but who's to complain?

We also got bibim gooksu, more noodles with a Korean sweet-spicy sauce, shredded nori, salted cucumber, and a soft-fried egg. Corn off the cob with butter, fingerlings, scallion and bacon from Benton the country ham guy. More rice cake cylinders fried to crispy and swaddled in sweet-spicy sauce, too sweet for some but somehow compelling for me, with just a dusting of scallion and sesame seed. And a couple more orders of pork buns. I mean, duh.

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